Sanat-o-Tijarat is here to help you develop a lasting and fulfilling career. Sanat-o-Tijarat attempts to eliminate unemployment in the majlis by creating programs to teach learning skills, industry skills, crafts, and trades. To meet the goals of the department, the mohtamim engages in programs around entrepreneurship, career development, and employment counseling.

Despite the actual difficult situation due to covid19 and lots of work loss in different fields there is still a big need of workers in some specific fields such as : Logistics: replenishment workers, reach truck drivers, food production line workers, cargo, unloaders, drivers for deliveries, shipping docks, . The demand is up to 30% higher than usual in these fields so you can encourage your unemployed khuddam to apply for that or take it as a complete new direction.
You will find below some open vacancies examples in region Brussels, province of limbourg and language courses schools links.
Work opportunities in Region Brussels
Chauffeur/Livreur :

Ouvrier de production
Dutch language courses through “Huis van het Nederlands Brussels
French language courses in Brussels
Language courses in Flandre, Limbourg, Antwerpen  (you can take contact with their local offices in your province or region to get to know about local language schools)
Language courses in province of Liège:
There are also local integration services who can help and provide more information with ongoing courses or jobs opportunities in your local area.

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